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Unique in quality and robustness – essential for dry-cleaning and laundry applications, and many other end-use applications, such as outdoor tree and horticultural labels, manufacturing and industrial products.

High quality material allows for optimal results and satisfied customers.  The original HYDROFIX®-Paper used by us is water proof and chemical resistant.  In the labelling of clothing and laundry articles, HYDROFIX®-Paper, with its wash-proof and dry-cleaning resistant features,  gives an ever dependable and reliable performance, supporting a smooth and problem free use within modern dry-cleaning and laundry operations.

As a result of its excellent durability and quality there are numerous end-use sectors within which HYDROFIX®-Paper can be utilized:

  • Outdoor placards
  • Labels for trees and plants for tree nurseries and garden centers
  • Labels and markers within the building industry
  • Labels and markers for the chemical industry
  • Pre-printed forms in the agricultural and transport sector
  • Labels for galvinised metal work
  • Labels for metal polishing and working (wet working of metal)


We stock HYDROFIX®-Paper in the following specifications, in 11 paper colours:

  •     HYDROFIX® 120 g/m², sheet format 100,5 x 66 cm
  •     HYDROFIX® 120 g/m², reel size 100 cm width
  •     HYDROFIX® 80 g/m² reel size 100 cm width
  •     HYDROFIX®- 190 g/m² in sheets and reels (subject to availability. Please enquire for further details).

We can also cut HYDROFIX®sheets to your required size.  Please enquire for further information.