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HYDROFIX Till rolls

Point-of-sale (POS) receipt documents - Till-rolls for dry-cleaners and laundries

So that your till-receipts are correct and always traceable, we manufacture till-rolls from boil proof and wash resistant, non-bleachable HYDROFIX®-Paper in 80 g/m², as well as 120 g/m² and 190 g/m².

Our 80 g/m² roll sizes are available in 11 colours.

120 g/m² and 190 g/m² are available in selected rolls sizes and colours.

Please refer to our HYDROFIX-Roll product list for standard stock items.

With all our HYDROFIX-Rolls you can purchase in addition special ribbon cassettes for counter and till register printers.  Our ribbon cassettes use ink suitable for dry-cleaning and washing applications.

In addition, we carry as a standard stock item Thermo-Rolls in a modern and unique colour design pattern, as well as standard Thermo-Rolls in white.