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Thermo-Rolls, with a unique and identifiable colour design, for dry-cleaner and laundry counter and cash-till printers.

With their customers needs in mind, our fun coloured Thermo-Rolls, with their unique motif have been specifically developed for use by dry-cleaners and laundries.  All too easily receipts are lost or misplaced. We have the answer to that problem!  Our unique coloured design, depicting soap bubbles and coat-hangers, allow for those all-important dry-cleaning and laundry receipts to be easily identified and found.

Our Design-Thermo-Rolls are available is 6 colours: red, violet, yellow, orange, blue and light-green.

Diameter:      80 mm max.
Width: 80 mm
Core: 12 mm


  • Packed 50 rolls per box