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Quality products for use in textile cleaning

Welcome to alpha-chem! As Europe’s largest producer of laundry tags, labels and numbered identification systems and cash-till rolls to the laundry and dry-cleaning industry, we pride ourselves in providing clean and tidy solutions – thereby ensuring satisfied customers.

In accordance with demands and requirements of the modern textile cleaning industry, we supply robust, fit-for-purpose finished printed products made from original HYDROFIX®-Paper.  Our products range from combination-card blocks and counter books to laundry lists, service pads and repair-alteration books.  User friendliness and convenience, such as coat-hanger hook-holes, extra-long labels for easy labelling and attachment to clothing, are an integral part of our product design – all manufactured to the highest quality.

Our large range of products, as laundry tags, shirt-labels, counter-till-forms, cash-till rolls, pre-printed laundry booklets, barcode pads, till-rolls enable trouble free laundry tag and textile labeling, reliable application with efficient and fast processing time.  Our products allow your business to flourish and perform better.

We offer you the alpha-chem guarantee!


Our 60 years of experience and continual quality management represent first-class products, including counter books, till rolls and pre-printed forms of all types.  All our products are exclusively manufactured from original boil-proof laundry tag HYDROFIX®-Paper.  Our quality is your guarantee.

All our 11 HYDROFIX®-Paper colours, available in various dimensions, are bleach resistant. The printing ink used is chemical cleaning and wash resistant – as is of course, your individualised printed company logo, a marketing tool that cannot be under-estimated in value for you.

Equally, you can decide for the proven alpha-chem quality with special or bespoke products, identification labels, dress-maker forms or labels for specific labeling, as well as the 10-ticket cards.

As your expert for textile identification labels, we are here to assist you.

Remember, with HYDROFIX® products it all functions without complication.


Quality Products for labelling in agriculture, horticulture and industry

alpha-chem supplier of tags and labels to the horticultural business and manufacturing industry.  Stimulated by the demand to reduce dependence on plastics, alpha-chem has designed labels for simple and easy application within sectors of industry, agriculture and horticulture.

HYDROFIX®-Paper is also available as unprinted sheets and reels of paper.

Manufactured from original HYDROFIX®-Paper , we are able to offer products with high water and chemical resistance. Our material is able to withstand weathering conditions making them suitable for outdoor use. Products are supplied either as raw material, cut sheet sizes to printers and converters or directly as labels.

Please refer to our website for further information.  We will be delighted to respond to your interest.