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Textile Marking System in one easy overview

Optimised for specific end-use requirements, we offer a variety of Combi-cards. 
The design principle of our counter receipt blocks, comprised of collection-ticket, working-card, and labels for marking textile items, enables an efficient and clearly laid out working arrangement.  This is invaluable for hectic working environment, and reduces at the same time the potential for errors during work processes.

For an easy understanding of the logic behind our Combi-card design, and it's three-in-one concept, please refer here.

Due to the use of dyed and pigmented perforations, printed on original HYDROFIX®-Paper, our products provide functionality, are end-use specific, and give protection against forgery.

All products can be supplied in 11 HYDROFIX®-Paper colours and, in the language of your choice.

The large variety and variation of our Combi-cards can be viewed from the below list of product types.