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Pre-Printed Products

Precise labeling – robust quality.

With time being of the essence, precise and quick labelling is an enormous benefit to modern dry cleaning companies and laundry services.  Customer satisfaction is ensure with uninterrupted business processing and guaranteed quality.

Forgery-proof alpha-chem pre-printed products provide for you a seamless and unobstructed organisation for label identification.

We use exclusively, for our combination cards, counter books and till rolls, original HYDROFIX®-Paper: It is boil-proof, does not bleach-out or discolour. Our printing inks possess the same water and chemical resistant characteristics. We give you product dependability for the toughest end-use applications.

Based on our standard product designs, we can supply according to your requirements, and in the language of your choice.

Please review our Product Catalogue for the large range of article types available for you to choose from.