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OHD - shirt labels

For trouble-free labeling of all your shirts.

The ability to correctly label clothing is particularly important when, as with shirts, their appearance is similar or identical.  To offer you maximum benefit, OHD is available in two standard designs – thus giving, in use, clarity and certainty:

Product description:
OHD, 5 perforated labels

  • 50 pages per block
  • 10 blocks per pack

OHD, 10 perforated labels

  • 50 pages per block
  • 10 blocks per page

Available for all product designs:

  • Individualised logo of size 72 x 15 mm (minimum 100 blocks)
  • Blocks numbered 1-1000 available from stock

Available in 11 colours. Minium order volume is 200 blocks.


Additional textile labelling options are also available with the application of the following products, HAS and KLS:


  • 1 series (pack) = 10 blocks = 10,000 sequential job numbers, with numbering 1-1000 per block available immediately from stock.


  • 1 series (pack) = 10 blocks = 10,000 perforated labels, without numbers.
  • Available immediately from stock

We have widened our product portfolio of KLS.  According to your order requirement, KLS blocks are available with perforated labels and printed either with stars, squares, dots or lines.

All products are available in 11 colours.